Six Degrees of Separation
by John Guare 
Directed by 
Sharon Andrews 
Scenic & Lighting Design by
Jonathan Christman
Costume Design by 
Lisa Weller 
Preset- As house lights fade- the Kandinsky rotates
stopping on "Order"
The silver victorian inkwell. Thank God.
Ousia: It's awful. Flan: We're alive.
New York is so quiet

Sidney Poitier in Ousia's Dream
Backlight images of hustler.
Ouisa, Kitty, Flan,Detective and Larkin
Our kids came down from Harvard.
Paul: The imagination is the place 
we are all trying to get to.
Dr. Fine & Doug
Doug: You're an idiot.
The parents & kids.
He promised you parts in Cats?
Woody, Tess, Ben & Doug
Trent Conway!
Tess & Trent
Won't you press charges?
Paul, Elizabeth & Rick
Are there any blacks in Utah?
F--k you, quality of mercy.
What have I done?
It's a black-tie auction--Sotheby's
I didn't know the boy killed himself.
Paul, Flan, Tess, Ouisa- phone conversation.
Get him out of our life!
The Kandinsky. It's painted on two sides.
Curtain Call Final Tableau
Kandinsky Painting Order 
Kandinsky Painting Chaos

Photographs by Jonathan Christman
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