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The University Theatre presents  
Closer Than Ever
a musical revue 
Lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr.
Music by David Shire
Conceived by Steven Scott Smith
Originally Produced Off-Broadway by
Janet Brenner, Michael Gill and Daryl Roth
Developed at the WIlliamstown Theatre Festival

Wake Forest University Theatre 
April 9 - 18, 1999
    Directed by  
    Cynthia Gendrich 

    Choreograhy by  
    Jerry W. Hatmaker 

    Vocal Director  
    Teresa Radomski 

    Music Director & Accompanist  
    David Hagy 

    Scenic Design by 
    Mary Wayne-Thomas 

    Costume & Hair Design by  
    Lisa M. Weller 

    Lighting Design by 
    Jonathan Christman & Nicholas John* 

    Rehearsal Pianist  
    Tom Turnbull  

    Stage Manager  
    Meghan Higgins*

Jennifer Blevins* 
Natalie Cordone*
Bill Diggle*
Amanda Epstein
David Grimes*
Jimmy Hilburn*
Matt Mundy*
Aileen Socrates*
Matthew Udvari*
Emily Wade
Derek West
Cher Wright
Bass Players
William Crichton, Anne Bramley

Musical Numbers
Act One 

She Loves Me Not  
Amanda Epstein, Derek West, David Grimes 

You Wanna Be My Friend  
Emily Wade, Matthew Udvari 

What Am I Doin’  
Matt Mundy 

The Bear, the Tiger, the Hamster  
and the Mole 
Amanda Epstein 

I’ll Get Up Tomorrow Morning 
Jimmy Hilburn 

Miss Byrd  
Jennifer Blevins 

One of the Good Guys  
Derek West 

There’s Nothing Like It 
Natalie Cordone, Matt Mundy, Bill Diggle, Cher Wright 
Dancers: Jennifer Blevins, Matthew Udvari, Jimmy Hilburn, Amanda Epstein 

Life Story  
Aileen Socrates 

Next Time  
Matthew Udvari 

I Wouldn’t Go Back  
Emily Wade and Company 

Act Two 
Three Friends 
Natalie Cordone, Cher Wright, Jennifer Blevins 

Emily Wade, Jimmy Hilburn 

Aileen Socrates, Bill Diggle 

Natalie Cordone 

Another Wedding Song*  
Amanda Epstein, David Grimes 

If I Sing †  
Bill Diggle 

Back on Base*  
Cher Wright 

The March of Time  
Matthew Udvari, Aileen Socrates 
and Company 

Fathers of Fathers 
Derek West, Matt Mundy, David Grimes 

It’s Never That Easy/I’ve Been Here Before Emily Wade, Jennifer Blevins 

Closer Than Ever 

* Lyrics by David Shire 
† Lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr. and David Shire 
* Member of The Anthony Aston Players 


Technical Director  Douglas W. Brown 

Costume Shop Supervisor  Lisa Weller 

Audience Services Coordinator  Shanda Smith 

Rehearsal Pianist  Tom Turnbull 

Assistant Stage Managers  Jennifer Harrison 
Jennifer R. Wynne*, Mike Wiltz 

Master Carpenter  Eddie Childress* 

Scene Shop Assistants  Matthew Barbour,  
Aaron Bokros, Eddie Childress*, Matt Fuller*, Heather McClain*,  Katie Rief 

Scenery & Props Crew  Gerald Barbee, Robert Barnes, Susie Beers, John Charecky, Meredith Dowdy, Lori Englebert, Michael P. Fallon, Sarah Grace, Daniel Kling, Austin Mann, Katie McCann, Christopher Ober, Brian Pierson, Ben Piper, Ben Stafford,  Brad Thomas, Peter Walsh, Brooke White 

Scene Painters  Elizabeth Lisa Andrew 
Susan Griffin, Candace Kohl, Trina Maso de Moya, Amanda Prewett, Amber Rieg 

Cutter/Draper  Marci Heiser 

Costume Shop Assistants  Kirstin Johnson 
Erin Korey, Kate Lewis, Melissa Osborne, Pamela Yeager 

Costume Construction Crew Elizabeth Chamberlain, Autumn Cherrington, Allyson Everhart, Sarah Hagenian, Kate Hogan, Ryan Marvin, Brent Matson, Syreeta Norwood, Adam Santillo, Melissa Sawyers, Courtney Sellars, Heidi Tobaben, Erin Valenti, Kristine Van Doran, Katrina Watson 

Wardrobe  Melissa Osborn 
Valerie Patrick, Lauren Thompson* 

Master Electrician Darren Linvill* 

Electrics Crew  Aaron Bokros, Matt Fuller* 
Anne Hancock, Jonathan Kimbro, Michael Meltsner 
Peter Thunfors, Wiliam Walker 

Lightboard Operator  Aaron Bokros 
Follow Spot Operators Eddie Childress*,Mike Wiltz 

Publicity  Meghan Higgins* 

Poster Design Jimmy Hilburn* 

Photography  Bill Ray III 

Box Office Staff  Ali Ayala, Sarah Brewer 
Jonathan Crosson, Jenny Ellison, Leah Hohman 

House Managers  Elizabeth R.Cheek, Nick Spruill 

Front of House  Kevin Bray, Rachel Burns 
Alicia Fennel, Miriam ImOberstag, Mark Jackson,  
Joseph Ladapo, Dave Whalen 

Theatre Office Assistants  Jen Phillips 
Sarah Storminger, Amber Wiley* 

* Member of The Anthony Aston Players 

Sweet springtime is my time is your time is our time 
for springtime 
is love time 
and viva sweet love. 
- - - -e e cummings 

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