The University Theatre presents  
Goodbye, My Fancy 
by Fay Kanin 
Wake Forest University Theatre
September 24 - October 3, 1999
    Directed by 
    J.K. Curry 

    Scenic Design by 
    Gretchen Kibbe 

    Costume  by 
    Lisa Weller 

    Lighting Design 
    Jonathan Christman 

    Stage Manager 
    Meghan Higgins*

Produced by special arrangement with 
Samuel French, Inc.

    Ginny Merrill  Emily Conrad 
    Amelia  Christine Kim 
    Clarisse  Tanis Smith 
    Mary Nell Amber Wiley* 
    Miss Shackleford Ali Ayala 
    Janitors  Andrew Bryant  & 
    Joseph T. Mertes 
    Telephone Man  Lee Briggs 
    Susan  Meg McKee 
    Grace Woods  Sona K. Tatoyan* 
    Agatha Reed  Jennifer R. Wynne* 
    Ellen Griswold  Corinne Zadik 
    Prof. Birdeshaw Caroline Clore 
    Carol  Tricia Pribula 
    Jo  Chrissy Davis 
    Dr. Pitt  Bradley Stephenson* 
    James Merrill  Cary Donaldson 
    Prof. Dingley  Ryan Randolph Whitley 
    Matt Cole  Eric Keller 
    Claude Griswold  Jonathan Horvath 

June 1948. Commencement weekend at Good Hope College for women.
Scene 1 Friday morning. 
Scene 2 Saturday afternoon. 
Scene 3 Saturday evening. 
Scene 4 Sunday afternoon. 

About the Author  
Fay Kanin’s first produced stage play, Goodbye, My Fancy, made its successful Broadway debut on 17 November 1948. Starring Madeleine Carroll as Agatha and Shirley Booth as Woody, the play had a long run of 446 performances, followed by a national tour. This Broadway hit was only one in a series of accomplishments in the remarkable career of Fay Kanin. In collaboration with her husband Michael Kanin, she wrote several screenplays and two more plays that reached Broadway, His and Hers (1954), and Rashomon (1959) and the book for the musical, The Gay Life (1961). She wrote the  book for the musical Grind (1985). Fay Kanin also has an extensive list of credits as a screen, radio, and television writer and as a  
producer. Her TV movie credits include Heat of Anger (1972), starring Susan Heyward; Tell Me Where It Hurts (1974), an Emmy award winning script which starred Maureen Stapleton; Hustling  (1975), which won a Writer’s Guild award; Friendly Fire (1979),  another Emmy winning movie which starred Carol Burnett; and  Peabody Award winning Heartsounds (1984), with James Garner  and Mary Tyler Moore. Kanin was president of the screen branch of  the Writer’s Guild of America from 1971 to 1973. She served as  president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences from  1979 to 1983. Since that time she has held other offices with the  
Academy and been actively involved with the American Film Institute  and the National Film Preservation Board.  
In Goodbye, My Fancy Kanin followed most of the conventions of  commercially viable romantic comedies of the day, but also incorpo-rated  her personal experiences and perspective as a woman. Inspired to write Goodbye, My Fancy by a trip back to her own college, Kanin undoubtedly gave her heroine many of her own character traits and convictions. Kanin, for example, had been the writer and host of a radio program called The Woman’s Angle,  intended to keep women informed about WWII. In her play, Kanin emphasizes the importance of meaningful education and a public role  for women at a time when women were being encouraged to return to the domestic sphere following the war. Kanin could also count on  her 1948 audience’s familiarity with the glamorous public image of  Congresswoman Clare Boothe Luce and her husband, newsmagazine pioneer Henry Luce. In essence, Goodbye, My Fancy is a romantic comedy which incorporates the new ideal of the successful career woman. Along the way, it also stresses the value of personal integrity,  academic freedom, and the will to take leave of the past and live in the present. 



Technical Director Douglas W. Brown 

Assistant Stage Managers 
Susan Martin, Kelly Murdoch-Kitt 

Master Carpenter  Aaron Bokros* 

Scene Shop Assistants  Aaron Bokros*, Bill Diggle* 
Matt Fuller*, Sarah Storminger* 

Scenery & Props Crew  Megan Anderson, Jarrad Atchison, Neil Bloomfield, Ryan Braun, Scott Cooper,Ian Doody, Jonathan Hall, Mike Maltarich, Matt Price, Rick Price, Lawrence Russell,Bryan Watts, Bryan Windham, Andy Yates 

Cutter/Draper Lisa Weller 

Costume Shop Assistants  Charles Compton, K.T. Early, Kate Lewis, Sara Wakild, Pamela Yeager 

Costume Construction Crew  Megan Carr, Jennifer Cianelli,Julia Kyle, Eddie Lindler, Liz Metz,Tyler Overstreet, LaTisha Pearson, Ashlee Phillips 
Adrienne Powell, Jill Sahajdack, Julia Schmidt 

Wardrobe supervisor  K.T. Early 

Electrics Crew  Edward Berube, Debra Clampett,Matt Fuller*, Gregory Holloway, Matt Nelkin, Jamal Seale 

Lightboard Operator  Sarah Leer 

Sound Design & Engineering Matt Fuller* 

Sound Board Operator  Mike Albanese 

Poster Design  Jimmy Hilburn 

Photography  Bill Ray III 

Hompage Photography Jonathan Christman 

Box Office & Front of House Staff Ali Ayala, 
Christopher Downs, Emily Duggins, Kristen Franke 
Alan Susi, Cammie Wilson 

Box Office Crew Drew Dayton, Kristin Johnson, 
Patrick Mariani, Mary Kate Mastrangelo, Lea Miller,Tim Reed 

Theatre Office Assistants Alan English, Nathan Gunter 
Nick Kinder, Jen Phillips, Jamelle Shannon, Tanis Smith 
Nick Spruill, Amber Wiley, Michael Wright 

* Member of The Anthony Aston Players 

Harold Teford 
Brook Davis 
North Carolina School of the Arts  Winston-Salem Little Theatre 

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