The University Theatre presents

School for Scandal

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

April 6 - 15, 2001

Directed by
Sharon M. Andrews

 Scenic Design by 
 Frank Ludwig

Costume Design by
Mary Wayne-Thomas

 Lighting Design by 
 Jonathan Christman

Music Director & Arrangements by
Teresa Radomski

Vocal & Accent Coach
Helen Huff

 Robert Simpson

Assistant Director
 Jennifer Wynne 

Stage Manager
Susan A.Martin*


Lady Teazle 
Natalie Cordone*

Melissa Jones*

Lady Sneerwell 
Erin Wade*

Mrs. Candour 
Cambra Overend*

Maid to Lady Teazle Sarah Storminger*

Maid to Lady Sneerwell 
Sarah Wynne*

Sir Peter Teazle 
Nick Kinder*

Sir Oliver Surface 
Lee Norris*

Joseph Surface 
Jonathan Horvath*

Charles Surface 
Lee Briggs*

Grant Bollmer

Sir Benjamin Backbite Adam Dickey

Everett Long

Nathan Dickey

Trip (servant to Charles) 
Mike Albanese*

Joe Gera*

Jim Cook

Sir Toby Bumper 
Joe Gera*

Jason Hall 

William (servant to Joseph) 
Stephen Harrison


Thomas Turnbull

Erin Gilmore

Katherine Anderson

* Member of The Anthony Aston Players


Technical Director 
Douglas W. Brown

Costume Shop Supervisor 
Lisa Weller

Audience Services Coordinator Shanda Smith

Assistant Stage Managers 
Katie Henderson, Sarah Wynne*

Master Carpenter 
Matthew Fuller*

Scenic Carpenters 
Aaron Bokros*, Matthew Fuller*
Greg Herzog, Marc Lucente, 
John Stallings, Sarah Storminger*, Michael Wright

Scene Crew 
Miriam Blackwell, Brandon Drury
Josh Edwards, Timothy Fratto, 
Jon Harkey, Jeffrey Harris, Jarrett Heard, Garick Hill, Justin Kamlade, Brett Levitt, Arthur Lokerson
Tim McDonnell, Mark Moroz, Jennifer Needham, Jacob Petty, Karissa Piper
Timothy Ralston, Mason Shelton

Paint Crew 
Erin Dougherty, Court Gilbert
Nikki Harding, Jess Hood, Kathleen Kuhnert, Frank MacPherson, David Price, Carissa Rutland, Fred Stone, Jennifer Walker, Tina Wilkins, 
Mark Winterhoff

Costume Shop Assistants 
Natalie Hines, Laura Maready

Costume Construction 
Lauren Alberta, Meredith Autry
Jamie Blythe, Callie Glass, Chrystal Harris, Kathryn Larson, Courtney Lee, Kristen O’Kane, J. Fiedling Randall, Loren Sasser

Miriam Blackwell, Meg McKee*, Corinne Zadik*

Assistant Lighting Designer 
Matt Nelkin*

Master Electrician 
Aaron Bokros*

Electrics Crew 
John Carr, Trevor Harris, Joe Kelleher, Ben Phillips, William Train, Brian Viglione

Poster Design 
Kelly Murdoch-Kitt

Jonathan Christman, Bill Ray III

Publicity Assistants 
Emily Johnson, TJ Peeler

Box Office & Front of House Staff Alannah DiBona, Alexandra LeCrone, Everett Long, Jonathan Loudin, Lutrell Williams

Front of House Crew 
Robert Aycock, Matthew Busick, 
Nadia Flanigan, Andy Graves, Alecia Hardy, Lauren Kenney, Garry Laney, Erica Lennon, Amanda Sweetser, Mike Vredenburgh

Theatre Office Assistants
Nick Kinder*, Cambra Overend*, Maya Sanford

 * Member of The Anthony Aston Players


Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s career as a playwright was like a comet in the night sky – short-lived but brilliant. He was 24 in 1775 when his first masterpiece The Rivals opened at Covent Garden Theatre, London. His glittering comic satire of society’s fondness for malicious gossip, School For Scandal, literally brought down the house in 1777 but by 1779 he had turned his prodigious talent to Parliament and devoted the rest of his life to politics. 

It makes no difference what century one lives in, the conflict between honesty and hypocrisy, appearances and reality and the human urge to gossip about it all is timely. Sheridan was no stranger to gossip. By the time he was 23, the Irish born son of an actor had secretly married the beautiful and famous singer Elizabeth Linley (daughter of composer Thomas Linley whose music is used throughout this production) and had fought two duels for her sake. He had become a romantic hero and his exploits were related with relish in the newspapers and argued about at dinner tables by such luminaries as Samuel Johnson, James Boswell and Joshua Reynolds.

Oons, madam, if you had been born to this,I shouldn’t wonder at your talking thus.But you forget what your situation was when I married you.
 — from School for Scandal

Despite the fact that he was not born into society, Sheridan’s great charm and wit secured him a very busy social life among the rich and the powerful. Georgiana the Duchess of Devonshire was the queen of high society and Sheridan was a favorite with the Devonshire set. Sheridan’s genius is never more evident than in School For Scandal where he gleefully spears the dissipated scandal ridden world he lives in and makes its inhabitants laugh rather than skewer him.

We don’t have to look very far to discover our own insatiable appetites for gossip and scandal…we have Hollywood and the White House. We all experience pleasure when hypocrisy is revealed and a true heart triumphs, and hopefully we all love to laugh. School For Scandal is one of the greatest comedies of English drama and it is as sharp, funny and topical today as it was in the 18th century.


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