The office of Constance Ledbelly
at Queen’s University,
Ontario, Canada and elsewhere.

The University Theatre presents

Goodnight Desdemona
(Good Morning Juliet)

by Ann-Marie Mc Donald

J. K. Curry

Set Designer
Frank Ludwig

Lighting Designer
John Friedenberg

Costume Designer
Mary Wayne-Thomas

Sound Designer
George Graves*
Meagan Hooper*

Fight Director
Stephen D. Hyers

Stage Manager
Everett Long*

October 31-November 1 &
November 5 - 9, 2003



Marla DuMont*

Moira Dennis*

Emily Johnson*

Carly Hartz

Matt Gutschick*

Chris Miller

Pip Rinehart*

* Member of The Anthony Aston Players



Technical Director
Trevor Anderson

Costume Shop Supervisor
Lisa Weller

Costume Conservator
Alice Barsony

Audience Services Coordinator

Leslie Collins

Assistant Stage Managers
Katie Doiron, Erin King

Fight Captain
Ben Whiting

Master Electrician
Melissa Gervasio

Master Carpenter
Matthew Meaney

Prop Master
Katy Slavin

Scene Shop Assistants
Rachel Field, Erich Jones,Melissa Jones*, Erika Libero, Laura Lutkefedder, Pip Rinehart*, Adrian Singerman

Scene Crew
Laura Bullins, Kip Byrum, Avery Drake,
Hunter Edwards, Matthew Foster, Elissa Goery,
Mark Haser, Matthew Hinson, Caleb Pearson,
Jared Satterfield, Haley Scott, Zach Stukes,
Peter Tillman

Wardrobe/Hair & Makeup
Kate Bashore, Christine Coode, Lauren Rico*

Costume Assistants
Rachel Baxley, Laura Bullins,Katie Delsandro, Hannah Guthrie, Sarah Guthrie,Andrea Leutz, Matthew Tomko

Costume Construction Crew
Indrani Ashe, Miriam Black,Anna Edgerton,
Innes Gamble,Allison Gardner, Carol Norris

Scenic Art Crew
Nathan Donaldson, Kristen Hall, Kathleen Lewis, Emerson Ludwig, Louisa Ludwig, Bert Phillips, Lauren Roedersheimer, Matthew Ruggiero

Kip Byrum, Dwayne Kinney, Tara McNeill,
Sean O’Brien, Scott St. Amand, Leslie Thomas

Light Board Operator
Mike Kelly

Sound Board Operator
Leah Roop-Kharasch

Administrative Assistant
Carol Lavis

Office Assistant
Cambra Overend*

Poster Design
Jacob Morris

Bill Ray III, Leslie Collins

Homepage Photography
Jonathan Christman

Box Office/Front of House Staff
Alex Beiter, Caroline Clear*,Alison Delaney*, Alannah DiBona, Cara Lee,Everett Long*, Jacob Morris,
Lauren Rico*

Ashley Alexander, Devin Blake, Anne Brothers,Kori Collins, Nick Drader, Brian Edwards,
Jacqueline Harris, Morgan Havig, Alexandra Knight,
Lee Land, Aaron McKenzie, Robert Overstreet,
Matt Robinson, Casey Sterk, & Marcellus Tennyson

* member of the Anthony Aston Players

Stewart Carter
Brook Davis
Nina Lucas
Jonathan Christman
North Carolina Shakespeare Festival
Randy Lutz at the Santa Fe Opera


Though Ann-Marie MacDonald may not be well known as a dramatist in the U.S., the Canadian actor turned writer gained wide recognition in her own country with her first published play, Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet).
The play won several prizes, including the Canadian Author’s Association Award and the Governor General’s Award for Drama. In addition to her work for theatre, MacDonald is the author of an award winning novel Fall on Your Knees (an Oprah book club selection in 2002).
In her lighthearted romp Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), MacDonald offers a playfully irreverent reimagining of a few familiar Shakespearean characters. Especially interesting is her take on the women, who are not the passive victims or doomed innocents we might have expected.
Indeed, through her interactions with Desdemona and Juliet, the central character Constance discovers her own strength and passion. Beyond the fun and silliness of the play, is the story of a woman learning to stand up for herself, claim her own voice, explore her sexuality, grow and mature into adulthood. The play may be a comic fantasy, but it is also concerned with the way we can engage imaginatively with literature or any work of art and gain new understanding of ourselves in the process.

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