The University Theatre presents

The Thebans:

by Sophocles

translated & adapted by
Timberlake Wertenbaker

Cindy Gendrich

Set & Lighting Designer
Jonathan Christman

Costume, Makeup & Hair Design
Lisa Weller

Sound Designer
Woody Hood

Stage Manager
Katie Doiron*

February 11-12, 16-20, 2005



Emily Johnson*

Stephanie Hill*

Ben Whiting*

George Graves*

Erich Jones*

Matt Gutschick*

Pip Rinehart*

Natalie Bonomo*

Rachel Baxley

Alyssa Biber*
Scotty Candler*
Mike Casby*,
Mike Kelly*
Lauren Rico*
Madeline Smith*

Nelson Brunsting
Christine Coode
Chris Hayes
Adam Humenansky*
Rebecca Lowry*
Bethany Novak*,
Kyle Smithers
Lisbeth Zimmerman

* Member of The Anthony Aston Players



Technical Director
Trevor Anderson

Costume Studio Supervisor
Lisa Weller

Audience Services Coordinator
Leslie Collins

Greek Consultant
Nelson Brunsting

Assistant Stage Managers
Leah Roop-Kharasch, James McKell*

Scenic Artist
Madeline Smith*

Prop Master
Alex Beiter

Pip Rinehart*, Zach Tysinger*

Master Electrician
Kate Bashore*

Melissa Gervasio*

Scene Shop Assistants
Scotty Candler*, Rachel Field,
Erich Jones*, Laura Lutkefedder*

Scene Crew
Nina D’Alleinne, Jared Shelton,
Claire Wiggins, Kyle Van Zandt

Scenic Art Crew
Margaret Keyes, Alana Seibert, Avery White

Electrics Crew
Patrick Britton, Clay Cline,
Robert Davis, Kristopher Glenn, Danny Hamm, Paul Slocum, Elizabeth Summercell

Costume Assistants
Rachel Baxley, Laura Bullins,
Katie Delsandro, Hannah Guthrie, Sarah Guthrie, Andrea Leutz

Costume Construction
Ana Arnautovic, Anne Bersagel,
Tess Fath, Stephanie Hairston

Costume Crafts
Alice Barsony, Lindsay Smith

Wardrobe/Hair & Makeup
Laura Bullins, Laura Halsey*,
Dowd Keith*, Laura Lutkefedder*

Light Board Operator
Kim Dedo*

Sound Board Operator
Kelly Chauvin

Poster Design
Jonathan Christman

Bill Ray III, Jonathan Christman, George Graves

Box Office Staff
Claire Chu, Nick Ewen*,
Julia Friedenberg, Anastasia Georgoulis, Laura Halsey*,
Bethany Novak*, Lauren Rico*, Amber Schonbrun

Front of House
Bethan Novak*, Lauren Rico*

Jayme Cargnoni, Sammy Cashiola, Elizabeth Ebia, Lindsey Jaco, Meredith McCrea, Justin Pender,
Sean Souders, Thomas Stack-Babich, Rachel Sully, Evan Taylor, J.B. Tucker, Weldon Woodall

* Member of The Anthony Aston Players

Sharon Andrews
David Ford
Patricia Mueller
James Powell
Diann Sichel
Rob Ulery

Timberlake Wertenbaker’s spare, stirring translation of Sophocles’s play has given birth to the somewhat unusual Antigone you’re about to experience. Every idea, every image, every sound, and every relationship has been stimulated by this wonderful text.

Working on a twelve-year-old translation of this 2446- year-old play we have been struck by dozens of contemporary questions—questions to which our world (it must be admitted) is still seeking answers. For instance, what is acceptable to do in the name of religion? May we break laws? Smite evil-doers? Defy the will of our families? Abandon loved ones? And what may we ethically do in the name of patriotism? Curtail people’s freedoms? Kill law-breakers? Frighten citizens into submission? Demand respect, even when we don’t deserve it? Perhaps more personally, is it possible for us, whatever our religious or political affiliation, to learn to listen, to change, and to yield? When must we hold firm, and when is flexibility the best, strongest choice? There are no easy answers, of course, but perhaps we can recognize that not engaging with the questions is as dangerous as thinking we have a monopoly on right and wrong.

Along with working through these important philosophical elements, we have in rehearsal enjoyed the very
human reality of Antigone. This is a world of strong feelings and deeply held beliefs—a world that’s been torn
apart by plague and war, as well as social and political upheaval. It is a place, like ours, where copious blood
has been spilled in the name of God and Country, but it’s also a place where people try their hardest to be heard, to choose well, and to do what is “best.”

I think we all have a bit of Antigone and Kreon in us— both their hubris and their courage. But it’s to everyone who has ever taught me—reminded me to listen, to learn, and to admit when I’m wrong—that I dedicate this production.


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