SCENE ONE Robert’s bedroom
SCENE TWO The lawn of Robert’s house
SCENE THREE Isobel’s office
SCENE FOUR Robert’s living room
SCENE FIVE Isobel’s new offices
SCENE SIX Tom’s office
SCENE SEVEN Katherine’s flat
SCENE EIGHT Robert’s living room

The University Theatre presents

Secret Rapture

by David Hare

Brook Davis

Set Designer
Mary Wayne Thomas

Costume Designer
Lisa Weller

Lighting Designer
Frank Ludwig

Sound Designer
Cameron Keluche

Stage Manager
George Graves*

September 24-25
September 29-October 3, 2004


Dowd Keith*

Nate Donaldson

Stephanie Hill*


Madeline Smith*

Zach Tysinger*

Laura Halsey*

* Member of The Anthony Aston Players


Technical Director
Trevor Anderson

Costume Studio Supervisor
Lisa Weller

Audience Services Coordinator
Leslie Collins

Assistant Stage Managers
Katharine McEnery*, Katy Slavin*

Master Carpenter
Zach Tysinger*

Master Electrician
Madeline Smith*

Prop Master
Katy Slavin*

Scene Shop Assistants
Kate Bashore*, Alex Beiter, Scotty Candler,* Rachel Field, Laura Lutkefedder, Chloe Mexile, Pip Rinehart*

Scene Crew
Sarah Brede, Dixon Douglas, Curry Gaskins,Ross Halleland, Andrew Ireland, Ben Martin

Scenic Art Crew
Heather Barber, Katie Beavers,Adam Blincoe,Ryan Decker, Robert Salek, Ryan Solle, Jon Temple, Richard Tilley, John Weitnauer

Wardrobe/Hair & Makeup
Michelle Carmon, Kim Dedo

Costume Assistants

Rachel Baxley, Hannah Guthrie,
Sarah Guthrie, Andrea Leutz, Matt Tomko

Electrics Crew
Kate Bashore*, Graeme Keith,
Michael Lucki, Petter Morris, Whitney Pinson

Matt Butterworth, Mike Casby*, Anastasia Georgoulis,Erich Jones*, Peter Rice, Brittany Wyche

Light Board Operator
Kate Bashore*

Sound Board Operator
Nick Ewen*

Poster Design
Frank Ludwig

Bill Ray III, Leslie Collins, Jonathan Christman

Box Office Staff
Claire Chu, Dorian Cowan, Nick Ewen*, Julia Friedenberg, Anastasia Georgoulis, Laura Halsey*, Cara Lee, Amber Schonbrun

Front of House
Alex Creswick, Bailey Dyer,
Kaitlyn Doe

Jon Abbate, D.J. Boldin, Christen Brown, Chris Griebel, Kristi Harshman, Elisabeth Hill,
Claire Lawhon, Kerry Major, Chantz McClinic, Matthew Owen, John Tereshinski, Kristian Tobias

* Member of The Anthony Aston Players

Lilting Banshees
Jonathan Christman
Nick Ewen
Nell Gifford-Martin
Mildred Moore
James Mussetter

“If ye were of the world, the world would love his own; but because ye
are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”
(John 15:19)

“Why do people think it’s smart to be poor?”

Rhonda, The Secret Rapture
The Secret Rapture is set in 1988 in Margaret Thatcher’s England.
During her three terms as Prime Minister, Thatcher’s policies paralleled
Reagan’s with a focus on tax cuts and the privatization of healthcare,
education, and transportation. Both Reagan and Thatcher shared a
philosophy that social programs cause people to become dependent
on the government. Her policies had interesting repercussions: the
financial industry, real estate, and technological companies prospered
while manufacturing businesses and labor unions deteriorated. High
unemployment statistics, poverty, and crime rates were a major factor
in Thatcher’s defeat in 1990.
Set during the 1980’s, a decade now often remembered for its excess
and self-indulgence, David Hare’s play explores the fate of a character,
Isobel, who actively fights for truth and integrity. His attempt at
a modern tragedy explores the relationship between greed and
goodness. Hare described his motivation: “Goodness makes me weep.
I see Isobel that way. So, I said ‘Why don’t I write about goodness?’”
In this play about goodness in an era of greed, Hare challenges us to
ask some tough questions. Is there a difference between the public
self and the private self? Or between the personal and the political?
And if we think about our choices and look in the mirror, what do we
do when we don’t like what we see?

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